Kate has a very gentle and holistic approach, She has sorted out hip problems that had stemmed from running, and also given me wonderful post surgery treatment that really helped speed my

recovery. I would recommend

her highly.



I am so grateful to have discovered cranial osteopathy-and to have found kate Fry who has been my practitioner for the last ten years or so. She has helped me through several ills in this period-and indeed I would have found my life much harder and more painful had it not been for her gentle, knowledgeable and experienced attention. She has always been available to me. My problems have included such diverse issues as a badly stressed Left knee, a head injury and maintainance of my whole body through a serious illness. Cranial Osteopathy is applicable to any age group and I wish it was more widely known.

J.Hardy. Sept 2014



My GP suggested that Kate might

be able to ease some of the painful symptoms of a long standing chronic muscular condition. Kate listens, then looks, is thoughtful, then adopts a very gentle technique , which is proving effective. An unexpected bonus is improved sleep patterns which have a generally beneficial impact on the quality of life and outlook. Over the past 3 sessions Kate has been working on the skeletal problems

of a ‘whip-lash’type injury with impressive successive success.

I would and do whole-heartedly recommend Kate to other sufferers. Anon

A big thank you to Kate! I have suffered with back pain for years and tried a variety of treatments with little success. My treatments from Kate have really helped and my back has improved tremendously. Kate works gently and sensitively. She has also

advised me on posture, bending

and exercises. I would definitely recommend Kate to others.

Claire, Totnes



I can thoroughly recommend treatment from Kate. I am now able to move much more and feel great when I come away.

Joan M



‘even though i visit Kate because

I have a problem its always a time

I look forward to. Not only does Kate ease and solve my problem, she is completely trustworthy, kind and considerate. I have never felt pressurised to have additional treatments, so no selling involved,

I trust her completely and have recommended her to many friends’



I have found Kate’s treatments incredibly beneficial, not only for my back, but for total well being. she is so gentle yet the result is often profound. At times a body can feel quite fragmented for different reasons, but it’s like having the fragments put back together correctly, so that stress is released and ones natural vitality can flow again. Jane.


Kate is an exceptionally talented, experienced and qualified

Osteopath capable of resolving problems with any part of the human body which has become sprained or out of line.  We started using Kate soon after we moved to Totnes 8 years ago, and we continue to rely on her unique skills.

Ross, Carol and Sarah Newton.  



4 months after a riding accident which had resulted in three fractured vertebrae in my lower back, I was still experiencing pain so I decided to try some osteopathy with Kate. Her gentle methods and approach had almost immediate results and after only three sessions I felt more mobile and flexible then I had been for ages- I even felt better than before my accident! Kate's reassurance, advice and guidance about my posture, along with suggested exercises have, in my opinion, combined to ease my discomfort and aid my healing dramatically. I have and will continue to recommend Kate Fry

to anyone.

Due to covid 19,

Totnes Osteopathy

is closed

I have been treated by Kate on a dozen or more occasions following a couple of acute bouts of lower back pain in the past 18 months.  Kate's approach is very professional and at all times I have felt fully confident in her abilities.  Having visiting a number of osteopaths in the past,

I first went expecting cracking and crunching of bones, but Kate works very gently and I have never felt any pain or discomfort during treatment.  It is a rare thing to find somebody who you truly feel is in the right job, Kate seems to have

a wonderful balance between the science and the art of osteopathy and a intuitive sense of what is required for each individual.

I would recommend her wholeheartedly.



Kate is the gentlest, most empathetic, knowledgable and effective osteopath who has ever treated me. I always make an appointment to see her when I am in Devon and I would like to have more regular sessions and would

do so if I was based in Totnes. She treats my chronic neck and shoulder pain with a variety of techniques and always has good advice about ways of dealing with it. Her gentle manipulation eases the pain considerably and the appointment always lifts my spirits.